Building Blocks Mission

In the mission building Blocks when you first start off on base building. Its completely glitched. It says to destroy the fenix base. Yet all there is; is 2 generators to destroy. NOTHING ELSE. Its been 2 years… it hasn’t been fixed. Im literally at a complete stand still on my progression in game. Please somebody help. Also. This is for the xbox one x.

Join a game on one of somebody worlds that has not completed it Progress to that point and finish it with them thats what i had to do so i could get base defense to spawn again

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Do you know of anyone who hasn’t completed it yet? Would really like to get the ball rolling on this.

Your allowed up to 4 Worlds you could make a Lfg post for it

Broken Blocks strikes again!

My condolences, Braver. I had the same issue. I “got lucky” and the mission eventually just auto-completed for the characters/worlds that had the issue. I wasn’t exactly happy with that solution, either.

They never should have replaced the old mission/introduction/tutorial at Tyloveden with this broken mess at Sjoglimten. The changes they made at that time have caused far too much trouble to have been worth it. Tyloveden might have been inconvenient, but at least they had it sorted out, before. Now this business at Sjoglimten has Tyloveden broken for some people, as well.