"building blocks" unfinishable bug

I started my save file on my PC a little before the february update, but hadn’t gotten past the archipellago yet (and thus had no control points active). I contunue playing like normal after the update, do the new mission… everything is going fine, untill i get to the “enemy base”.

there was no base, just a neutral control point with 2 shield generators on it. So i destroy the generators, but yeah then i have to destroy the control center, that didn’t spawn.

This was about a week ago (day the update dropped) and it still hasn’t spawned. It’s kinda anoying i can’t finnish the mission, but the bigger problem is that i can’t do any base assaults or defences now and i’ve also played quite a bit in this save by now so i don’t really want to start all over again to maybe not have the same problem…

This is gravely anoying me sinds a large part of the game has been blocked on my save now :sob:

I’m sure there will be an update “soon” which fixes this issue. We’ll see. March has just started.

But no, base building and base assaults is no large part of the game. It’s not so long ago that it came to the game.

As long as bases have no more effects on the game than just being there, they are nothing more than the assignments are.

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As a player who already completed the old intro mission, “Good News”, and would not be able to play this new mission on the same world, I started a new world with new character in order to experience this new mission.

I Went through all the begin missions until I ended up at Vesslan Bunker where Corporal Pontus was waiting, when I cleared the bunker and got to the control room where the Warboard is, I got the new Mission “Building Blocks”.

I followed all objectives (see below) to the letter, and everything worked fine. For me a fully built level 1 FNIX base was there with the Command Center working as it should. After my rampage, I claimed the control point, and build a rudimentary base. Mission completed.

Then I returned to my main world and my first character, where I searched for all 4/4 weapons at the ground near the old barn and Sjoglimten Base.


Btw, there are six weapons to be found, 2 of which are not counted for the 4/4.


:heavy_check_mark: Find the patrol map
:heavy_check_mark: Go to the rendezvous point at Saltholmen Church
:heavy_check_mark: Find out what happened to the soldiers from Vesslan
:heavy_check_mark: Check if the soldiers went to observe the machine base at the old barn
:heavy_check_mark: Find out how to best attack the machine base
:heavy_check_mark: Shoot your way into the machine base
:heavy_check_mark: Destroy Shield Generator A
:heavy_check_mark: Destroy Shield Generator B
:heavy_check_mark: Destroy the Command Center
:heavy_check_mark: Claim the Control Point
:heavy_check_mark: Start building your own base

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Just so you know there is at least one other post on this called ‘Building Blocks Mission Bug’. Identical issue and some replies with screenshots of the bug.

Yes, the post from @Heinskitz. Its here…

So, for the most part, the new Building Blocks Mission works great!.. Until I realized I had already taken the base that the Command Center was supposed to spawn at.

I was able to destroy the shield generators, but now I am left with a unfulfillable mission because there is no Command Center to destroy.

I even attempted to complete a Base Defense to see if that would correct the issue. Unsurprisingly, it did not.

I would prefer not to abandon the base, but I cannot see any other way to solve this issue. Any ideas?

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I’ve exactly the same problem, word for word.

In the Building Blocks Mission, I must destroy the command center but I’ve already destroy it so … I’m in front of a base I cannot build and a mission I cannot finish

Waiting for a patch :slight_smile: Have a nice day !

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