Building blocks

Just continued my 2nd world because I actually don’t lose safehouses there and did all the archipelago missions.
When I came to that point to make building blocks mission there just were two shield generators and no command center.

I destroyed the shield generators but nothing happened. One day later it’s still the same.

I’m stuck.

thats weird the command center should have been there in the middle before you even started. you should have been able to see it from the barn spinning around… :thinking:

Pontus rambles on about it once you get the final notes and explains how to take down the base.“take out the two generators and then the command center, blah blah blah” through the window you should have been able to see it…

Man I was rooting for you to have 0 issues in the 2nd world. I’m guessing that means either the last patch rebroke it or it was a one time fix at the time. Either way doesn’t look good for my alts.