Bullet Reduction Clothing Schematic Does Not Work

Platform: PC, though I feel this issue will likely affect all platforms

The 5c bullet clothing schematics don’t reduce damage from incoming enemy fire, video below demonstrating the impact of a full set vs no set vs half set and the damage remained the same. Tested on my end with multiple machines, always came back with the same amount of damage un-depending the clothing worn.
Interestingly on a similar note, fire schematics will reduce world element type fire (cars, electrical units), seems to reduce DoT effect, but won’t decrease flamethrower damage.
Explosion dmg reduction are the only schematics that seem to make a difference in a full set, padded shoes are great and jump boost is equally great.
Just a shame for bullet damage reduction as that’s the one probably everyone is wearing and wants to get.

Steps To Reproduce: grind for a year, get disappointed :pensive:

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: RTX2080S, i9 i believe with like 16gb of ram