Bullet Removal Glitch


While fighting in the world, I will randomly lose all the ammo for the current weapon I am using. I was at one point using the Klauke 17 and lost over 380 9mm FMJ rounds for it. I was just now using my Meusser Hunting Rifle and lost 180 .243 Soft Tips. I don’t know what causes it, and I never pay attention until it’s too late. I’m unsure how to replicate it, but it is a serious detriment to your survival.


Unfortunately, it is a aknowledged glitch.


Ok, I didn’t see a post on it so I thought I’d try and help.


I think the devs will appreciate any information, especially if you find a reproducible way to get the bug. Have a look at the bug reports and bug lists.


Will do. I’ll try and see if there’s a way.


I was just fighting a black Tank and using EMP rockets from the rocket launcher… For no real reason, I used 3, and lost 5… I think it’s entirely random. Maybe when it switches stacks there’s an error?


From a programmer’s point of view, this looks like a synchronization/locking issue. Maybe two or more threads are trying to update the inventory at the same time without proper locking. Then there is a risk that the inventory gets corrupted. That would also explain the weird bugs when you suddenly have two scopes on a rifle etc.


Fyi, you are supposed to use “bug report templates” to report your observations.