Bunker Barracks Doors

Super itty bitty teeny weenie very small microscopic problem, Devs could you please either make all the Doors to each barracks room evenly spaced out or make them all open into the rooms?

Why? When I go on a loot tangent and clear all the rooms, I turn around to a corridor of a maze made out of doors with two doors open together blockading the hallway and in a way creating a double door.

Sure I could close every door after looting that room, but I feel it breaks immersion that a high profile military bunker could not train their military constructionists to place doors the correct way so that it does not create obstacles in a hallway in case of an emergency.

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IMHO, the Sweeds were not that clever back then, as many said: this is accurate, them bunkers. :S


I tend to close the doors of the rooms I’m done with, to avoid that problem :slight_smile:

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Personally, I go from the end to the stair case?
So ‘backwards’ so to speak? :slight_smile:

@Xogroroth @Zesiir

Well based on the Sweden architect and being a gentleman I suppose I’m just gunna have to start closing doors! :laughing:

Just go from the end onwards, or do a side, and do the other side on the way back?
Still, I do not disagree, it is a wee silly.
But still a way to an end.

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