Bunker mission issues [PC]

Currently having issues where I cant access and complete bunker missions, this instance is Skavden, I have the internal safehouse from potentially playing on different peoples worlds however I cant get through the blast doors to the war room or the rest of the bunker as they are locked, I have attempted to access the bunker however it says I do not have clearance while the mission status says I have collected all barcodes and cannot collect anymore

This is a similar instance with Uttern also however I don’t have the internal safehouse and cannot collect barcodes from all recently killed machines in the region

Being denied access to Skavden

Inside the safehouse and blast doors are locked

Log statement for Skavden Warboard

Nvidia GTX1070 8GB GDDR5
stored on 1TB HDD
OS: Windows 10 Home

Host issue on own world
(however suspected to be caused via playing on client worlds)
permanent occurrence both with myself on host world and with other players connected