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:top::radio_button::hammer_and_wrench: Hello development community, I want to bring to your attention the possibility of adding a unique hostile NPC, in some closed large-scale locations of the “Bunker” analogy, real players do not experience significant fear, since the number of NPS is extremely limited, the specifics of my initiative is to implement the addition of a special NPC, the functionality of which is to pursue the player in the underground /tunnel space of the bunker, this robotic prototype must correspond to the deterrence factor, visual detail is relative to the correspondence of horror and the presence of exclusively melee weapons is possible.:hammer_and_wrench:

:ballot_box_with_check: Characteristics of the NPC “Liquidator”, this structure of the game model, most likely should be invulnerable to full-fledged destruction / have a large number of status points, the player can disable this machine, after a certain time the robotic prototype restarts and goes in search of the player again

:ballot_box_with_check: This AI NPC has program functions of pursuit in the bunker using special ventilation hatches in the walls, helps to ensure transitivity in places of problematic movement of artificial intelligence / similarly, floor movement

:ballot_box_with_check: It is possible to develop a standard system of disappearance, if a real player initiates a scene of a decent gap in the distance, this NPC disappears in certain places, beyond the visual visible analization of the player, a sudden appearance in a random closed zone near the player
:children_crossing:This recommended innovation will allow players to immerse themselves in the house of the
ezgif.com-gif-maker (16) bunker space, given the terrible appearance of the robotic NPC, whose task is to chase the player within this location, will create a dynamic atmosphere of unstable security, given the fact that the invulnerability of the NPC, which can only be temporarily destroyed, will allow an unpredictable action to be expected

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11:heart_decoration:These gif animations are designed for this GENERATION ZERO gaming audience, regarding the provision of detailed information comparable to the initial test presentations, if you liked the gif animation / initiative of this proposal, please support with a like, take part in a text discussion / add variations of your relative representations of the external texture of a hostile NPC, thank you for your attention, follow the news12


what is the name of the game engine I wrote correctly

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These are all nice and creative animations - and yeah the game engine is called Apex Engine.

I hope you do realize this is a user forum, so it’s not like the developers are required to read any of this. It’s fine to come up with suggestions for the game, but bear in mind that the developers probably have their own roadmap, where community ideas may or may not fit with their vision. :sunglasses: