Burst fire error

Platform: PC

Description: So I believe someone mixed up the mechanics for the AI-76 and the HP5. This has annoyed me for quite some time now and I can’t find any topic about this particular issue.

  • The original Kalashnikov assault rifle only ever had two firing modes; semi auto and full auto. In the game it incorrectly has an additional three-round burst mode.

  • Variants of the MP5 SMG can be toggled between semi auto, full auto and burst fire. In the game, there is no burst fire mode.

This might seem like a nitpick, though as it’s such an easy fix I’ve waited for it to be sorted out in every update, but I’m not sure anyone has actually caught it since it has yet to even be acknowledged. Every time I use any of these weapons I get my Jimmies rustled and I don’t like it.

Steps To Reproduce: Select the AI-76 or HP5, toggle fire modes.

Images / Videos: n/a

Host or Client: Steam in offline mode.

Players in your game: n/a

Specifications: i5-8400, GTX 1060 3gb, 8gb RAM, SSD boot drive; game installed to HDD, Win 10 home.

I kinda enjoy using the Burst Feature for the AI-76 even if it was unintended.

Yeah, the AK doesn’t bother me too much, it’s easy enough to just ignore the burst mode. The lack of burst fire on the MP5 makes it feel kinda redundant, however. Which is a shame because it’s actually really fun to use, especially against ticks because it’s so nimble.

The problem is that semi auto is a bit too slow to hit fast moving close-range targets, and it’s way too easy to go into panic mode and waste loads of ammo without scoring a single hit in full auto. Which is the exact reason why burst exists in the first place.

There isn’t a MP5 in game as far as I know. There is a HP5 which is a SMG, but the only Assault Rifles would be Automatgevar 4/5 and AI-76. I’m not trying to correct you, but I may have misunderstood your post.

HP5 is an MP5. The don’t use correct names. Probably because of license. The AG4 is the AK4 that the Swedish Army used. And so on with all weapons.

Thanks for clarify it. The only weapon that really stands out would be the AI-76 being the AK-76 and haven’t given much thought about the other weapons.