By the way, what's the title all about?


Okay, I’m a bit slow, and this has probably been discussed a thousand times before in here. But please humour me. What is the games title all about? “Generation Zero” is a very cool and catchy title, and somehow it fits the game so well. But why I don’t know. “Apocalypse now” might have been more appropriate, if it hadn’t already been used by Coppola.


The first thing I thought of was Generation Z which is the generation from 1990-2010. The game is set in 1989 in November, very close to the end of the year. What I think the title potentially means is the ‘Zero’ may be a fresh start (ie. the robots coming and killing everyone), and it ties in with the Generation Z thing. So I think it’s a clever play on the title of a generation. Hope this helps a little :slight_smile:


Generations are those age groups that exist at certain times. In the game the “Generation Zero” will be those youths just old enough to be effective as a future resistance or survivors (not children, and not those who already have children). The player is a member of Generation Zero, the first generation that survived the machine apocalypse.


Makes sense (believe it or not, but I knew in advance, what a generation is :wink:). So this is obviously not just an experiment on Östertörn gone wrong. This is something much, much bigger … :fearful:


Sorry, yeah… a generation is… yeah… okay… my apologies!


The tagline is, “Our end is their beginning.”, so it seems more fun to argue that the players are the last generation, and the artificial life is Gen 0. :wink:
(I might be influenced by the fact that starting at 0 is a thing prevalent in computing, so it feels natural that the term should apply to the artificial life, not the redundant humans.)


That was a pretty good point, @Ennui. I never noticed the tagline you are referring. I’ll buy that :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks.


Thanks, the line was fresh in my memory since I’d just re-watched the videos on the steam store. :smile:


Interesting. I never knew that tagline existed. The steam game opening screen has the line “endure and survive” which I took to apply to the humans but maybe it doesn’t…


Yes, humans are lousy when it comes to counting! On New year’s eve December 31, 1999, everybody was so geared up about this being the turn of a millennium. “Oh, at midnight we’re in the 21st Century! How cool is that!”. Well, it’s not cool at all, stupid, because our calender started with year 1, not year 0. So by the end of 2000, I was probably the only one that celebrated the real turn of the century. Yes, the machines (and Kernighan and Ritchie) got it right :wink:


Another good example of humans not being great at counting is in literally every Top Gear episode when Jeremy Clarkson rounds Richard Hammond’s score in challenges to -1000.


And I guess people were more worried about Y2K in December of 1999 than actually celebrating. :joy: