Bycicle bike ride - Feedback - latest Version on Steam



i just wanted to give you some feedback about our last few days of gameplay with 4 players, especially about the bycicle feature:

  1. It is the funniest thing in a shooter we have ever seen. :joy:
  2. The buggy behavior of falling down and jumping around with the bike (sometimes when you sit back on) is perfect created >>> Please Don’t Fix This! <<< :face_with_monocle:
    We love to fall down and ride against each other :bike::bike:
  3. Some things we miss are tuning-parts like this little pearls many kids had on there spokes of the rims, or coler, stickers, seat etc.
  4. Also Bycicle front and backlight as flashlight alternative would be fine.

I hope our feedback is useful for the next Updates.


Nice post, for bicycle lovers.
Maybe add a ‘vitesse’ system, gears like race bikes have?
Or those high steering parts?
You know, those Harley Davidson style steers?

For those not liking bicycles:
While the game offers players to ‘disallow bicycles’, the game keeps featuring this thing throughout.
Bicycles are found in machines, the stalls are at all safe houses, it sits on the compass, and one even more horrible feature regarding these came to show: an achievement coupled to this, and one has to complete that challenge for the 100% completion of the game.

I hereby request, for those that do not appreciate the bicycles (such as myself), that, when disallow bicycles is turned on, those are “removed from the game” (no more bicycles found, stalls removed, compass icons removed, and the bicycle challenge removed), so that this OPTION actually get a function in game.

AFTER you did the necessary fixes and such, of course.

Thank you.


I just want tassels on my handle bars :joy:


I want this on my wheels :grin:


The fear in the machines lens hearing the freakin card flapping, only to know in their data banks it means death is close.


Cue “Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries:laughing:


Ooooh… I love the smell of napalm etcetera. :stuck_out_tongue:

All we need are helicopters now.