Calling for help bug ps5

Went to the base to kill the 5 guard bots killed one runner and one tick but they did not count. All other bots were already dead. Near one building i can sometimes get a bar to show that im being detected but it wont fill all the way and i cant dind who is detecting me.
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Dont know
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Host single player
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Just me

Playing on ps5

I know this is a month late, but hopefully this helps someone else experiencing this issue. I also had this issue. The way I got this to work is:

  1. Exit out of the game to the main menu after going to a safehouse

  2. Change your difficulty to anything else (I was on adventurer and switched it to skirmish)

  3. Get back into your game.

  4. Switch the difficulty back (in game settings)

  5. Go back to the base. The bots should all respawn.

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