Calling for help bugged

The mission calling for help is bugged for me every single time, even if I completely reset. The marker for “destroy” hovers above the area but no enemies are marked with them so I’m completely stuck on the destroy 5 enemies stage. The only way to fix this is to join a multiplayer game and then leave it, but as someone who speed runs the game, this loses around 10 minutes as you have to not only join a multiplayer game, but also run all the way back from Vesslan as radio locations don’t save after you leave. This loses 5-10 minutes in the run which is massive as if you combine all my best segments so far, the best time is 2 hours compared to the current WR of 2:15:59 so tiny bits of time save are massive.


Please use this template when filing a bug report, so we can get all the necessary details. Cheers.