Calling for Help is Broken

Okay, I’m at the base where the power won’t come on to open the door until you kill the “five” machines guarding the base. I started killing enemies, noting that the “0/5 enemies killed” message in the HUD wasn’t changing. I killed all the enemies, somewhere around ten of them, and I still haven’t been credited with even one kill. The base is deserted. There’s only me and my robo-mutt.

Well, funk me raw! whaddafrick am I supposed to do now? I can’t enter the base to finish the mission. The goddamned AI isn’t marking the “guys” that I’m supposed to eliminate like it usually does with missions with this kind of requirement. I could kill a thousand, but until the AI marks a target with the crosshairs icon, the mission is broken.

So, I fast traveled as far north as possible, deselected Calling for Help, and selected Supply Run or Missing Supplies, or some such side mission, and quit to desktop…and the game crashes. It always crashes, never properly shuts down end exits to desktop. I’ve stopped sending the crash reports; they don’t friggin’ do anything with them that I can tell, 'cause they never fix the problem. Anyway, I’m running a file integrity check; maybe that might accomplish some damned thing….

Steam gave me this strange message: 0 files were corrupted and will be reacquired.

I decided this time to approach the base from the opposite direction (I’d come from the northwest before), and this time there was a side mission icon inside one of those dorm-shacks, and it triggered another Pontus / friend of Anitta radio conversation. WTF? It’s about Calling for Help, not a side mission at all! As weird as that is, after listening to it, when I got closer to the base, I could see machines with the target icons floating over them. So, I have no goddamned idea what the Hell was going on, but it’s not broken anymore.

Just as reminder for the future.
If your task is destroy certain machines or a certain number of machines or to get certain ressources from a specific location, they always have this target icon. :wink:

Not always, not when this glitch is active. That’s why I was thrown off; I didn’t see any target icons over specific machines the first time, only one over the general area that they were to be found in. What actually triggered the glitch was that the AI “forgot” that I had to use the radio before actually attempting to take out the targets. This time. It’s never happened before.