Calling For Help Quest Bug

Platform: PC - which Platform you were on when you experienced the issue

Description: was outside of the military base snipeing enemies the counter for kills will not update and am stuck refreshed the zone by going to a different safehouse and waited two in game days before going back and no luck

Steps To Reproduce: went down the road to milli base and climbed the right most hill to the bunkers and sniped the enemies from outside the zone

Images / Videos: obs and screenshot

Host or Client: singleplayer and had no connection to servers when happened

Players in your game: 0

Specifications: image

the game works fine now there seems to not be a hidden trigger to spawn the enemies you’re supposed to kill on the hill side so if you dont go down the road they won’t spawn so i guess try and make sure that the hill is covered?

I take that you’ve solved your issue. With that, topic closed.