Cam rotates around player when cycling (ps4)

When cycling the camera is centring around me which makes it very anyoing. Can’t steer properly when you can’t see where you’re going especially with hostiles nearby. Is there a fix for this one or can it be changed in the settings?

Are you sure your controller’s joystick doesn’t drift? This is unintended behavior for sure.

Can you perhaps show this behavior in a video?
That would help understand what is happening better.

I’ll see for the video.
And perhaps it might be a fault in my controller.

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It’s my bloody controler :expressionless:. Used the other controler and there was no problem whatsoever.
Anyway thnx for the suggestion.


Thought so. I had several X360 and PS controllers with the same issue - characters walking slowly without input, camera rotating, aim drifting. If you didn’t before, give them a good cleaning with a damp cloth every once in a while, and/or vacuum the thumbstick openings on low power to get dust and debris out before it wears down the insides. Doing that kept my newer ones alive for years.

I know on PC the movement keys “WADS” control the bike movement but you can change the angle of view with the mouse. Your controller may has the same function with the joystick.

I had already been playing Gen Zero with just my keyboard when I got my controller and I couldn’t control my movements verses angles of view, drove me crazy! Note: wasn’t a very long drive! :crazy_face:
EDIT: read this twice and still didn’t get it! Sorry

Since the issue was solved, I’ll be tagging and locking this report.

Thanks everyone :+1: