Camo Skins Pack

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It comes out tomorrow

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Only 3 weapons?
I wonder how much will it be…
In most (NOT PVP) games the skins are usually free or we get a lot of them free and the paid ones are different than the other ones.
Lets see how this ends up.

I like the first ones were for free but what I liked even more is they were NOT just a give me. You had to hunt for them. Everything that makes this game worth playing is you have to destroy and loot. It has always been very disappointing to BUY the DLC weapon packs and level 3 were in the locker with a little bit of ammo. I never used any of them till I found the level 5 versions and gathered my own ammo for them. The level 3s were all recycled.


There’s gonna be a good amount more than three. They probably just wanted to show some of the best ones.

We should see in a about 2h, I guess.

I think it’s because there is 3 kinds of Camo?
at least on the preview: Forest, Snow/Urban and Marshlands?

I do hope there are several Snow once as that is my Favorite
I’m biased i love snow, it brightens my winter so to say ;p

Skins are out and apparently around €4

4€ for 10 Skins? Thats much. I hope we get some big story DLCs in the near future. :point_left:


I’ll not buy this one. If there had been 2 or 3 different camo skins for each weapon, then maybe.

This doesn’t cut it for a paid DLC.

A few random skins for some weapons aren’t good enough. I’m sure a lot of folks would like to customize a complete weapon set, so different matching skins for the entire weapon line would be welcome here - including camo, resistance, antique, solid etc.

If you want to do skins, please make something that match, and not just random patterns for random weapons. :grimacing:


I’m also skipping this one. First DLC I won’t buy.
I would consider buing it if there would be a selection of different skins, including solid colors… like black for example.


Maybe… Someday… With a discount…
I would prefer a line of skins, too.

  • Wood
  • Snow
  • Desert
  • Resistance
  • Urban

Each for every gun.

Did anyone already buy it and found some of the skins? Or are they just there like with the weapon-packs? Any screenshots?

They are exactly like the weapon packs, saw it from Tenes Video and Lucid said it on the GZ discord.

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Ok, there are 5 skins for free we have to find and 10 we get instantly by paying?

Sorry, but I hate this way of providing bought content.


The .50 cal looks mighty fine with the DLC Skin.


They are too expensive.
Actual weapon packs cost less, 2.99 and base defense pack 3.99.
Its too much for the quantity and content they give us.
Should i remind you we usually get 5 or more skins or even more (PER WEAPON) for free in most games with weapon customizations by finding secrets and doing missions?


The Dev Team is working a lot and I appreciate them, but they should make this pack free, like Blockbuster Vanity Pack. Making it free will receive good feedback and increase the number of downloads. This will be good.

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Yeah, but instead they charged a massive overprice for it. However, this is not the Dev Teams fault, but rather the Marketing Dept.

But they can still make this good with future skin packs that remedy this failure…

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Currently I don’t see any kind of service in this skin pack. It doesn’t help anyone of us players, just the publisher ( :money_mouth_face: ).

They should turn into another direction in my eyes, because I want to play this game still for a long time. With fresh content or some technical upgrades, but just not with paid cosmetics.

They could provide a (or some) 4k texture packs instead. That wouldn’t just be cosmetic in my eyes.
They could improve animations, too.
And many more. But please not just skin packs.
That’s the wrong direction.


Agreed. Skins are cool and all, but a substantial content / story update (like Alpine Unrest) is what’s really needed. There’s only so much replayability once you’ve completed all the missions and hit the end game stage.