Can I kill of all machines or are they re spawning again?

Can I kill of all machines or are they re spawning again?

As far as I know they regenerate over time. Rivals take a little longer, 2 hours I believe.

The game is really realistic but not if we can’t kill them all off and finishing winning, dunno feels strange

If machines won’t respawn, you could clear out the entire map where you don’t have anything to shoot at anymore.


Thank god for respawns as I don’t enjoy a game unless I’m getting shot at.

The game isn’t very realistic in the first place, since I’ve yet to see robots roaming the earth like they do in this game :wink:

Also, I like this game, so what the heck should I do if the machines didn’t respawn? :grin:

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Yea I know the game is all about killing aliens machines but I wanted to feel the satisfaction to “win” simply by killing them all off. Maybe this could be a game setting

The “win” satisfaction is per battle, not per war.

Also, one entity can not win the war alone. Even if you have 3x buddies with you, you’d still be outnumbered and outmatched. Moreover, the entire Swedish army (special training, armored vehicles etc) couldn’t put up a fight when D-Day happened, so, what chances you’d think you’d have to win a war?

There are several key factors why Swedish army failed and why player char does seemingly better:

  • Surprise attack - Swedish army was taken in surprise without any chance to mobilize and co-ordinate the troops. You, as a player, have plenty of time to stalk the machines and plan your moves. It’s not like machines are knocking on your front door and you have to defend yourself, your mates and your country (except one mission in game).
  • Intel about enemy - Without any intel about the enemy, it’s next to impossible to mount any kind of effective defense or counter attack. Again, as player, you have plenty of time to learn the tactics about machines and collect intel about them (blueprints).
  • Size and mobility - Player char is small, fast and agile compared to the platoon of troops. And that’s why it’s easier for a Tank to destroy entire platoon than player char who uses guerilla warfare (hit and run).
  • Revive and respawn - Swedish army troops didn’t have the a-shot revives and respawns in safehouses. Take these two away and look how far you get.

Wars are won by tactics and logistics (supplies), not how big the army is or how well they are armed.


You can wipe out all the machines in regions if you have the firepower but after a while they will respawn . I have done this personally in argipelago region and in farmlands .

Platoons work as a group you can’t just decide to run away because you wanted to and when a country is attacked the first thing military has to do is to collect intel about the enemy . And no wars aren’t won by numbers they are won by tactics.

i would suggest you open some military history books, there are numerous battles where the (much) larger army has been defeated by a smaller one. Also; do yourself a favor and read some military filosophy, sun tsu for instance. :slight_smile: its some mind-bending stuff!