Can my account be saved


I play on an Xbox onex I downloaded the recent update along with finix rising everything was fine played the first two missions was in the middle of the escort mission the vehicle just disappeared figured it was just a glitch exited out of game tried to restart froze at the connecting online profile Part of the menu can not get into my account have tried reinstalling the game clearing consol local save data doing a hard reset I even tried using the physical disk as well I have not been able to access my game for a week now I have been playing the game for almost a year now have two fully maxed characters have every weapon don’t want to have to start over can my game be fixed please help


Go to the bug report section, you’re not the only one bro, currently FR is killing a lot of accounts making them unplayable… No word from devs as far as I know besides being “acknowledged” so no clue if everything is lost or what will happen…


Okay thanks man hopefully it can be fixed


Since OP was directed to #bug-reports I’ll be closing this one. Thanks, @SuSpInTiOn.


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