Can someone on Xbox help me fight the reaper

I need help killing the reaper before he does his suicide attack. I have failed countless times to kill him before he does it but I fail. Anybody that could help I appreciate it.

I cannot join you on Xbox, but maybe some of us can give you some advice to fight the reaper, too.

What’s your character level, which weapons/ammo do you use to fight it and which DLCs do you own?

And, what’s your way to destroy it?

My character level is 27 and I usually use the experimental PVG, the AI-76, and a rocket launcher.
I try to destroy it by taking out the shield generators and hammering any components I see. Also sorry that I could not reply right away, I can only communicate at certain times.

Ok, you don’t even have all skillpoints yet.
Maybe you should first level up to lvl 31 to have all skillpoints to improve some attributes, if possible.

Do you have more experimental weapons like the experimental AG4?

If not, do you have augmentations on your guns to improve damage against large machines or something similar?

If you have the companion accessory DLC, try to use the companion with spotter module and rocket launcher.
It can mark the reaper to give a bonus on damage, hurt it and distracts it from you. But it can easily get destroyed by the reapers firestorm attack.

If you have the tactical equipment DLCs, you can also use turrets and homing turrets to deal additional damage. Just get sure to place homing turrets behind a cover for saving them against the firestorm attacks.

The pm-71 with titan toppler works pretty well. I just use a lot of adrenaline shots and then get right under him before he self-destructs.

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Thank you I hope it works

Thank you, I do have the experimental AG4 and the Experimental PVG. I have not used augmentations much so I dont really know about those but I will try.

when you get to 16%, stand far enough away so if he looks like he is gonna red-splode, :pensive: so you can leave the area where he disappears & you reset the reaper to Calm mode, u can also back-ups you save to a USB or the PS4 stormy clouds thingie

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Thank you, I will try that.