Can‘t end my mission/ buyed new dlc before playing today

Hey, today i‘ve get the new dlc. And my mission i started will not close and end. Is this mission buggy or is this a bug because of the new content?

My Char. has Level 21. will not delete to solve all quests :cry:

I‘ve also found a message in the truck. A bloody list…

Platform: Ps4 / Pro with ps plus membership

Mission did not come to an end …

Playing: Fundsache (lost and found / lost property in english?) left from Damfallet, near the coast. 2854 / 1609.
I completed the mission ( find the truck, destroy 7 things in the bunker and convoi)…
But the mission is still active. Does not become a check mark.
Don‘t get any EP. I also can choose this misson. But there is no text field at the top left corner - what to do after destroying the 7 things - active but dead?
At my map the mission is also with a mark after completing.

Going to the main menu or closing the game didn‘t help.
The mission targets in mission menu are accomplished, this two things had a check mark.

Steps To Reproduce: none

Images / Videos: none

Host or Client: single play

Players in your game: /

Specifications: /

Is there anyone who can help me please?

Same here but I found out if you log out and back it n and go to that readiness storage the bloody shipment sheet respawns in the truck and after you pick it up nothing will happen still however if you back away from the truck cab and walk back up to it you get the option to take again even though you already picked up the note