Can’t get the HEDP schematic


Using lasted version and when go to location to pick up schematic for HEDP it isn’t there. I read on forums that this is new bug? It is impossible to beat big robots without the possibility to create HEDP ammo…. Please advise

The HEDP schematic has been inaccessible since February.

There already are multiple topics regarding this. This happened during the latest revamps.

That’s not true, but that depends on character progress and owned weapons. There are other, better ways.
I, in general, use the Granatgevär just for base assaults because of its radius of effect against structures and machines.

For anything else I prefer the exp pvg in mix with some other weapons.

And for ammo for the granatgevär (HEDP) just kill rocket runners, soldier and spetznaz lynx and wolves. They often drop up to 12 rockets for me. A battle against 2 soldier wolves and their supporting lynx could easily end up in getting up to 30 rockets.

Since there’s already a report about the issue, I’m closing this one.