Can there be A Darker side to the Robots


This is what I mean, like in the film Virus, a robot being apart of the story collecting the dead for spare parts, using them for Fuel. or Making one robot with human limbs on them even heads. Like the Harvester Robot can there be one that Harvests Bodies.
Maybe a Robot like a film Screamers the attack from under the ground, I feel infiltrator robot that looks like a human-made up as parts of a human.
I am also a Designer and would love to show you my ideas. is there a way to do this. please let me know.


You sneak around in an overrun base, and on the edge of your hearing in the darkness… whispers. Following the whispers leads you to a door, from under which you can a flickering light, maybe someones left a TV on, plenty of those around right? But as you listen, the words are disturbing, pleading even. You open the door and instead of a TV the flickering light is coming from a robot wrapped around a soliders head while the body twitches. Sensing your presence the parasite machine rips itself free in a spray of gore and skitters towards its next victim

So a robot which you find attached the the heads of incapacitated victims trying to extract intel, like a combination tick and a VR headset. Paralyzing them and feeding victims visual/audio streams to interrogate them.


Lol, thats dark. Do u think its suited in this type of game? I mean, Alien robots ripping out of humans is maybe a little to much? Or what do I know, maybe the machines are up to some really messed up shit.


That’s hella dark my dude! I like the idea, but keep in mind that GenZero is not meant to be a horror game, even if it does scare the hell out of you from time to time.