Can we get Cars?

we all agree that cars would be hella fun driving around, instead of bikes and stuff.
we could have like a volvo or something even a truck that we can add guns and stuff to.
the game is lacking cool and good transportation for more than 1 person. and something that goes faster than 60kmh and is implemented into the game and not in a damn dlc.

Something faster than 50 km per hour will glitch the game.
For having cars the game world would need to be a lot bigger, the moment we get tons of vehicles the game gets smaller.


If you want something that goes faster than 60km/h, use fast travel.

For what else do you need such a high speed?

But I agree that it would be nice to be able to use the existing cars for getting from A to B with the whole team, maybe with a plundra in the trunk.

having volvos would be fun, just driving them around and do nothing is fun too

What if you could drive a Strv 103 Battle Tanks? I think that would be a nice and funny Idea.

No, I don’t think so.
You’ll maybe have one single shot you can fire until the machines destroy the stridsvagen. Well, depends on your distance to them.

But they are more and more agile and the stridsvagen has no turnable turret.

Why do you think are there so many wrecked stridsvagen?

We are few, we are the resistance, we are no army, so we need something more agile for ambushes and guerilla tactics.


nah tank all the way the stridsvagn has a 3 or 4 sec reload

Yeah, just read about it. I didn’t know the stridsvagn already got an automatic reload.
With this it is able to fire 15 shots per minute, at least for the first and second magazine (with 20 to 25 rounds each). The third magazine is semi automatic.

Btw, just a single man is needed to drive and shoot.

If done properly then yeah, I’d welcome cars. I agree though that if they went too fast, the map would become smaller. Maybe just another 10kmh more than the fastest bike, if possible.
Perhaps to balance it, cars could consume a lot of fuel and break easy whilst off-road. Using one would be a tactical choice, considering a cars protection, carry weight, capability of carrying a full team and stealth (which would be minimal), agility (also minimal), taking the longer route since going off-road is best avoided.

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I just disagree with the speed.
It shouldn’t be faster than the standard moped.
It’s no racing game.

But the malus for driving off road should be noticeable, plus obstacles are obstacles.

I do think that the game is “missing” a cooperative vehicle, but i still dont think cars are the way forward.

Instead, i´dd be much more happy with a sidecar thats able to be attached to any of the motored bikes we have today.

Yes, but if we would get cars, they could work this way.
Btw I don’t see much sense why they added motorbikes either. They weren’t needed, too. But they were wanted, at least for fun. And for better driving offroad. That’s what we got for the base game. Of course the moped is faster than a bicycle, but not too fast.

And that’s what we would need for cars, too.
Nothing special, just a car that enables us to drive from A to B, but with all players. An additional feature like a mobile plundra would be nice, of course. And if at least one passenger would be able to shoot out of the car, it would be great.

But it’s not needed. There are still tons of robots everywhere and a car is an easy target… It can be a rolling death trap. But it could be used as rolling bomb, too.

Imagine driving towards a group of hunters. Some players could have attached bombs on it. The driver jumps out of the car right before it crashes into the machines and the other players trigger the bombs. BOOOM, yet another scrapyard. :wink:

Have another Idea! Why not having a Buggy Car with Outdoor where is build with 2 seats? One for the Driver and another one for an LMG or HMG.
This Vehicle could be very useful for the majority of the Terrains in Ă–stertorn and could be pleasurable to fight the Machines with a Friend. If you play Solo, you can also use the Gun by driving it as long you have the ammo for. Also it looks very Apocalyptic and clearly a Vehicle from the Resistance.

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Perhaps that could work. I won’t be against it

I would have thought about a vehicle as seen in Halo, with space for four players and a mounted machinegun.

Of course that would be fun, but I feel it would destroy much of the gameplay, fun and immersion we currently have.
The game could become a “Drive’n’Shoot”.

Maybe with some limitations… Just 1 spawn per 4 hours ingame.

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Probably doable but why? Nice to have? Don’t really agree that it would be a good idea with how cluttered roads are, how easy they can get stuck, the insane amount of glitches they will likely cause…