Can you name your char?

Hi I am new here and just got the game a week ago.

I’ve been following the development and decided to buy the game because it has a huge potential.
I am not like most players, who consider bugs “a bad game”. I have noticed that bugs gets fixed in this game. That is all that matters regarding bugs.

Question: Can I name my chars? Character 1 is a dorky name.
I know in MP, you choose your MP name, but thats not your character.

Another Question regarding Characters, if I may?
Whats the roadmap for the game in character development? I would love to see more skills, more traints to gain and a ton of hidden/random speciality skills players may bumb into.

I LOVE the fact that you can not get every single skill on one char, and NO RESPEC!!!
Live your your choices, and choose what skill you want.
RPGs that lets you max ALL skills in one char, ruins the game. It changes the game to be about getting max level/all skills, THEN play.

This game starts at level 1…I love it!

Whats the roadmap for future character development? =)

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