Can you please repair my saved game?

I had lots of crashes but until this point had just reloaded from a safe house and persevered. But then eventually the game BSODed my entire system and I had no choice but to turn the power off. When I opened up the game again it gave me a message saying that the game had failed to load my backup save file and it was demanding that I delete the save.

So the game had corrupted both the save AND the backup at the same time. This is ridiculous. What’s the point in a backup if it gets corrupted at the same time as the save?

Steam also uploaded the corrupted file to the Steam cloud, as the final insult. So I have no way of recovering it.

I had multiple experimental weapons, hundreds of rounds of .50 BMG ammo, and I am not willing to restart the whole game over again especially if this could happen again.

I already emailed the “social” email account and attached the save files. Can a developer please do something? Can the files be repaired? Could I at least spawn in the weapons I had into an new game somehow?

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