Cannot Base Build or Start Mission

After the latest update, I went to my Home Base to find that all of the previous wooden building portions of the wall and Fort were gone and the black walls and the sonar device at the center of the fort had returned, as if they had never been destroyed. I went to my log and to the secondary missions and found that the c4 mission that must be completed in order to activate the fort still appears to be finished. So I’m stuck between can’t base build, can’t interact with what is there, and can’t do a mission to have it turned around.

Is there any way you all can fix this. I’m a long time player, played every day for almost 2 years and I have way too much stuff to lose it now , including all the schematics for clothing and ammo and multiple characters that are maxed out perfectly.

Turning the Xbox off and on has not made a difference. Switching characters within the same profile did not fix it. Attempting to blow up the sonar device in the center of the fort with every explosive I have, has not worked. I erased the saved space so that it would reappear at the next opening of the game and that did not fix it.

The good news is, that while this glitch continues, I have been able to enjoy new weapons, new ammo, and see the new machines that are in the update. So everything else appears to be working properly.

Thanks very much. This is my favorite game and all the updates have been tremendous. First issue, but it’s a pretty big one. Thanks again.

StormX1 and ST0rmDog#7706
XBox 1