Cannot connect avalanche apex account to Microsoft store installation

This isn’t my issue but my friends, we’ve spent 2 days trying to fix this, when he signs onto generation zero with his Xbox live account it doesn’t let him open multiplayer, when we go and check his avalanche account it says logged out, so we created an account with the same email as his xbox live account, the website doesn’t register that he owns any games and the game still says he is signed out, I sent a support request to avalanche and they ignored me, so I am coming here for help on how to fix this, thanks for your time!

we got it fixed guys so no need to help me out! thank you all for even attempting to help us but we got it, it was a sign in error on the box app

Yesterday me and my friend had a situation on ps5 where I’m sure that its reason is in the apex connect account, too.

I had several times in the last weeks since Base Assault Update the feeling that some crahes happened because of completing an assignment.

Yesterday this happened to my friend when destroying enough cars for the weekly assignment.

His game crashed and he then wasn’t even able to start the game again.

He tried a few times to load his backup safegame, to delete the local safegame and run the game without… But the game just crashed when trying to connect to apex.

After about six tries he suddenly was successful to start the game again and to join back into my game.

When he entered my game again, he got a message, that an assignment was completed and got the rewards.

Please devs, review your system of the forced connection, maybe defined timeouts and so on…
I bet, the current problems with most crashes and unavailability to start the game, not working assignments and so on (independent from used system), are founded in the apex connect system.


Playing on PS5.