Cannot finish Wrench in the Works (fix announced for February update)

Hello, I have the same problem with the base not exploding and i just keep hearing the exlosions. I have tryed leaving the base multiple times, restarting the game but nothing helps. Please let me know, when or how to fix it. Thank you.

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Ditto…exact same problem. Hoping for a fix soon!


Same here… this is the only mission I dont have completed so far so I cant progress any furtherer :confused:

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Yeah mine’s been broke for a few days now, hoping for a fix soon cuz I cant stand the constant explosions, and wanna get on with the story.

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Yeah, sometimes I forget it’s there. Sometimes I can feel myself spiraling from it.

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Same. I’ve been going for 100% achievements on Xbox and this mission has bugged out.

I lost 4 hours of gameplay last week because nothing seemed to save for an entire session and now this main mission has bugged. As the bombs went off I ran outside and nothing. I reloaded the game and now I can hear the explosions from halfway across the map with on screen mission prompt to escape.

If only there was an option to manual save or restart missions. I hope they fix this. By ‘fix’ I mean sort it out so the solution fixes itself instead of being told to ‘create a new character’.


Same problem for me, Explosions keep happening but the Quest wont complete.
I did however not have the problem of not getting the 5th Mission item, I specifically checked and I have all of them.

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I only have 2 Xbox achievements left and they’re both tied to competing this mission.

In case anyone is interested, I completed this mission with my friend and the bug also appeared for them. It seems, at least in my experience, that playing in someone else’s game won’t fix this annoying bug. Besides the fact that I can’t obtain 100% until/if they fix this, the constant explosions that can beard from most areas on the game map are plain annoying.

I’m keen to see if they’ll actually fix it and honour the completion of this mission, reset the mission so we can try again or tell us to create new characters and start from scratch. Definitely a buggy game. In the past few days alone:

I’ve had an entire session that didn’t save, even though I was online as always.
This mission bugging out preventing 100% achievements.
A skill point that didn’t save today after reloading the game.
In coop , a mission not progressing after using barcode to enter the bunker. Had to leave the game and rejoin to reset so the host could re-enter the bunker.

Never had a single problem until that latest update.

Same here. I’m on PC. I previously played through to Death from Above but once I cooped with a friend it completely disappeared from my log so I eventually decided to start a new character/world. Thankfully,I’ve completed DfA now with my new world but Wrench in the Works will not complete. Still says escape the RO factory before it explodes and that constant explosion noise! Aaaaaaaaaaargh! This is a great game but Avalanche PLEASE sort these bugs out!

In the mission “a Wrech in the Works” I have to escape from the factory before it explodes. No matter where I go, I can’t complete the mission. I still hear the explosions

I’m playing alone on the PC

This is a known issue. Merged.


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I’m on the ps4 an this is also my current situation.
Please help merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to you too.

Unfortunately I’m unsure if this will be fixed before the update mentioned for February.

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Completed mission but the warehouse wont blow, just get continual Boom Boom in every area of the map making the game unplayable because of the annoyance. Others can hear it too if I join them and the mission has not been done by them or they join me. Drives everyone nuts.

Merged yet another topic.


Having same problem, on PC.

Having the same issue on pc can’t say im fond of the explosions all the time.

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I have all 6 mission items and I still have the glitch :frowning:

Can confirm with the others, December 24th and many explosions still going on. Must have some awfully big pipeline system, it has been exploding for like 3 in game days straight :stuck_out_tongue:

Expecting this to be fixed by the end of this year :frowning: New player and almost near end of story when this garbage issue happens. The story is super interesting and I want to finally see what happens in the end…hope this gets fixed really soon, playing other games for now

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