Cannot loot Magnum 44 Pistols

Hello new player here
I’ve come across a strange bug, i play on Steam solo so to speak and every time i come across a Magnum 44 pistols i loot them off the ground and they just vanish? gone… i receive the ammo but no pistols.

Its happened twice now. one at a pilot in a crashed plane and one at a safe house, on the islands.

I am very much loving the game just this is a bit annoying, i have no idea if it still adds the weight to my character either.

Thanks. Seems others are having the same issues with this on Steam forums so its not just myself.

Definitely a weird one, thanks for reporting this. :+1:

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I came across a third one… Still cannot loot them.

This is my character after i looted the pistol.

Did you look in another tab?
We once had an issue where loot, granted by base assault rewards, didn’t work correct. Maybe the magnus is in your ressources tab, has to be dropped and picked up again?

Just guessing…

I am having this same issue and i am on series x have a feeling i just picked up a blue magnus and it is not in my inventory very sad

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Truly is an issue im on xbox series x ive picked up multiple magnus pistols now can confirm they dont appear in inventory very sad

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Yes its not in any tabs.

I didn’t know they were even called Magnus as I’ve never been able to loot one to read it haha

It a play of words on the Magnum I guess.

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I have a similar issue. I found a 5 star Magnus in the norrmyra artillery base but upon trying to pick it up the sound played for picking the weapon up. But the weapon itself disappeared entirely. The game didn’t acknowledge that the weapon was picked up. Normally the name of the weapon populates on the right hand side of the screen upon picking anything up. This was a gold skinned Magnus with a red handle. It has not spawned back in at all. Playing on a ps4. This is the only gun that has done this


I’ve picked up i think 5 so far and none appear, all other weapons show up just not these


Moved to active report thread. It’s a known issue.


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So I play on ps4 and I found a base with revolvers everywhere and so I tried to pick them up and they just disappeared never got them

Please search next time, this is a known issue.


getting same bug. just happened at Stenudden lighthouse with 3 revolvers and the rifle up top of the lighthouse.

so far found 4 revolvers and all of them never showed up in my inventory after picking them up.
And yeah, same thing with 2 rifles so far. Most rifles worked ok

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Ok, now picked up the 1c magnus inside the red barn next to boo church.

It tells me that I’ve found one of the locations weapons (counter counts up), but the gun indeed isn’t in my backpack.

Today i found a lighthouse with about 5 Magnums laying around… Guess how many i got into my bag… 0… Then i went up to the top of the lighthouse and saw a rifle laying on the ground up there, looted it and got nothing, so its not just Magnums…

I’m considering giving the game a miss for now with these loot bugs, i assumed (wrongly) something this big (game breaking) would have been hot fixed really fast but nothing… so i’m out sorry i love the game but not being able to loot is a big deal for me.

I can fully understand you.
For players who already have everything, it doesn’t matter that much, but for newer players it’s the opposite.

It destroys the experience.

Sadly there aren’t updates or hotfixes that often. I just can guess that it takes so much time to fix these issues… Or better to find the reasons and to find out how to fix them without wrecking anything else.

It’s not like a light switch you forgot to turn off when leaving the house = just go back and press the switch.

I just wonder that it seems that every player is affected slightly different.

Today I tried to reproduce it. I had success (or not, depends on the point of view) with a magnus, but every other weapon I found, either on the ground or in dead machines, I was able to pick up.

Just do me a favour and stay tuned. Follow the news for a hotfix, a workaround or similar.


If that is how you feel, you should take a break. I have been infected by the GZ-virus a long time ago, and I could not stop playing even if I wanted to. I’ll be here until the curtain falls. :crazy_face:

But, it just might be that you are already infected too, and have a hard time to let it go. There are people who are really disliking the direction the game has went, and still they can’t quit. Only the strongest warriors have the courage to leave forever, because this game has something different that transcends bugs. That “Je ne sais quoi”, that keeps us coming back for more. :point_left:


Im playing it in the previous game version.
At least untill i get the remaining gear i still dont have.
The new one introduced a lot of new bugs, related to loot and a few crashes.
Most updates always break something :thinking: -.-

Does inventory weight change when you pick the gun up? I’m curious if it just vanishes, or if the game thinks it ends up in your inventory except… Not? :thinking: