Cannot Loot - reinstalled Game, Issue still there



I can not loot - it doesnt matter where or with which Char.
It wont complete the progress bar while pressing E.
I closed the Game multiple times, ran the Steam file check and reinstalled, but nothing helped.
Before it was running very smoothly. It doesnt matter if I play online or singleplayer. The Issue first appeared in a multiplayer lobby - the other two players arent having any problems.

I really hope there a solution for this.
Thanks in Advance!


Something to try: Settings -> Game -> Hold to interact: “OFF”.

Toggling this option to OFF means that you don’t have to hold E to open loot window. Just one press of E is enough to open the loot window.


Thank you VERY much!
It worked now, Ill leave it like that.

It solved the Issue, and its very fast too.


Nice to hear that you got your issue solved. :slightly_smiling_face:

With issue solved, i’ll tag the topic and close it as well, to avoid possible future off-topic replies.


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