Cannot move in a house

come across this few time this is at Knaperanna in a house, went up the stairs and i can turn round and change weapons heal up but that’s it, cannot move round or crouch stuck in the one place, as am in battle cannot fast transport out, the only way is to end the game and start again, this some time happens in a lorry container in you jump over pallets.

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Yep! Have died that lonely container death many times. Caught on seemingly nothing, with a loot box just out of reach. Why did you lure me in with your looty goodness, only to trap me inside your cheap container roach motel. WHY???

Hey, could you provide some screenshots of the location as well as where it is on the map?

let me go explore a bit to find the right containers…
but you probably meant which house he was referring too

Here’s a few roach motel-like cargo containers I found while doing a quick search in Kaptensvillan. They have lots of containers, so I went there. I found 3 types that offer problems.

Type 1.

Once you get into this gap you get stuck between crate and boxes with green tarp

view from other side of container opening

Type 2.

When trying to squeeze between the chairs and crate/pallet

Type 3. True roach motel

Once you jump over to get in, you can no longer jump back over the last box, you can only jump onto the toolbox

I’ll add more when I come across them.