Cannot Spawn Reaper

Platform: PC - Steam, Windows 10

Description: Reaper has not spawned more than once since the update dropped them into the game. First rival I spawned was the Reaper instead, and on my own file it hasn’t spawned since. I have taken all the precautions suggested in other threads here and on steam (and made a bug report via steam forums on the 25th of March with a non-short description).

Steps To Reproduce: The issue is ongoing. Play 360+ hours of farming almost exclusively the same region constantly spawning rivals with the zone level primarily at level 24-25.

Images / Videos: The lack of a Reaper isn’t easily shown on screenshots, but if required I can provide a screen of zone level 25 with 7 rivals spawned as often as desired.

Host or Client: Host (Reapers spawn fine when I help friends or random players)

Players in your game: Between mostly 0, and occasionally 3. Sometimes friend invites and sometimes

Specifications: MSI X99A, Intel Core i7 6900K Octa-Core 3.2GHz, Dual 11GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Founders Edition, 64GB Memory

May I ask what region you are levelling up?

Was primarily leveling up Farmlands. Initially tried leveling several (north coast, Himfjall, etc) but the last maybe 250-300 hours have all been farmlands. I get a rival, kill it, grind back up from 24 to 25, and get another rival for hours on end the last 100ish. I’ve tried wiping the region and rebuilding a couple times, but it hasn’t worked either.

I do all the “make sure there’s not 8 rivals” and “keep the zone as close to or equal to 25 as they spawn in” stuff. I have been over the entire map on foot over a few hours and am relatively sure there’s no reaper on my map that’s spawned in somewhere I could get to, who’s just not showing on the map. If there is a Reaper without a map icon on the map, it’s somewhere out of the play area

You’re doing it all right, so this really sounds like a bug…or a bad case of MUPRHY’s law (RNG just dont wanto play with you).

Reaper is visible on the map if he has spawned so you shouldn’t need to roam the lands to look for him. He will be a lvl ?? rival on the map with a little extra red on him. Also there is a big salut when he spawns.

Best of luck. Just kill that new 8:th rival and keep grinding!

What difficulty level do you play on? :thinking: Since that has an impact on the Rival spawn system.

I am sorry, I was not getting notifications for comments on my posts for some reason and just saw this. I’ve played many, many hours on each of the difficulty settings. Generally the easiest setting is best, because while difficulty affects rival spawns, I do not believe they change the chance of that rival being a reaper. Irregardless, over 100 hours of farming on the hardest and more than that on medium should have reasonably given me a rival by now.

But playing on easiest mode is the fastest way to cycle rivals. It’s easier to kill the 8th, and then get the zone back up to level 25 around the time you get the new rival so that’s what the last couple hundred hours have been.

You may have the same issue as described here: Reaper Tank will no longer spawn on my server where Reaper is in your game but isn’t indicated on your Map in any way.

It takes a bit of work to traverse the entire map, looking for it. But positive side of this is, that there are only select few places where Reaper can spawn (open enough where it doesn’t get stuck), mainly indicated by the spots where regular tanks spawn.

I am grateful for the further reply. I took the time to check my entire map, such as I can, again as I did before. I do not see any signs the Reaper is hiding on the map anywhere. If it is hidden somewhere, it’s out of reach of me as the player and multiple months of playing on and off have not moved it to a playable area.

Major update: I was joined tonight while cycling through farmlands by a random player who asked what my plans were and we were chatting about the Reaper not spawning. He mentioned that “everyone knows” that the Reaper can get “stuck spawning behind” one of the rivals that’s already up, so regardless of zone progress it won’t spawn as long as that single rival does. I figured he just wanted permission to kill rivals and loot them with me. Me and him cleared all 2 dozen~ish rivals on my map while chatting (really good drops too) and right after he said goodnight and I went back to building farmlands back up.

3 rivals spawned in Farmland and was working on more when the Reaper spawned in on Himfjall Island, which was at zone level 1. Hopefully that fixes my Reaper spawn issue, and while I still think that guy was just trying to get me to let him farm my rivals, maybe the info will help someone else too.