Reaper Tank will no longer spawn on my server

My friends and I have been playing this game since just after launch.

When the reaper tank content was released we farmed it constantly and killed/destroyed around 40 or 50 of them between all of our servers.

At some point while I was back home on leave I had spawned a reaper tanks on both of my gamer tags.

I was saving them for when my buddies were online.

When we were all logged back on the reaper tank on both GTs were gone.

That was 3 months ago now.

They still will not spawn on my server no matter what I do.

At this point I have done everything I can think of to mitigate this.

Both the farmlands and Himfjall island are at max level (25) with zero rivals and a score of 21,981.

I have continued to fight them on others servers but again they will not spawn on mine.

I have 2 GT’s with 8 max level characters total.

Both GT’s have completed the main storyline and all DLC content.



Resync both accounts back to the server. Reduce the rival count to 7 on both Farmlands and Himfjall, and start the grind again.

I actually tried that but it just ends up developing 8 rivals again and again.

I destroy one and build it back up.

Over and over and over again.

I would uninstall it and reinstall it but then I would lose all of the US WEAPONS PACKAGE 5crown weapons again

That is by far the weirdest scenario I’ve heard of.

@SR_knivspark - has anyone ever reported such an odd issue?

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To clarify the issue has finally been resolved.

The Reaper tanks were existing in other locations on the map.

Completely un marked and not listing ad rivals in any area.

It was funny I found one in the south coast region hanging out with another FNIX class tak in a walled off meadow.

Like two happy cows or something.

They weren’t happy for long when I showed up…



I’ve been dealing with that same issue on Xbox. My south coast, farmlands and himfjall are level 25. It’s been about 3 weeks since I’ve seen a reaper. I’ll have to run around and see if he’s just hiding somewhere. There’s no icon for him anywhere. I can track the rivals that in the areas. I don’t see any missing.

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Yeah I killed all the rivals looking for him and he had no symbol and had no rival indication. He was down in the south coast region hiding with another tank.

Somewhere right in the middle just above the church.

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Not to point the obvious, but these regions you have levelled to 25…

You do have a spare slot for it to spawn right?


I had only one or two rivals the whole time. So I found where the reaper was hiding. After reading your post I started searching. Himfjall and farmlands I’m constantly going through so I knew he wasn’t there. After the last update I had a reaper in the SC region and the next day it appeared in the arena in the marshlands, sure enough when I checked there he was in the arena DEAD. I was even able to loot him. I restarted my session and he disappeared from the arena. Then I spawned him back to back at himfjall. Crazy.
It has been several weeks that I couldn’t get him to spawn and it’s just been sitting there dead. Wonder why it never disappeared when I would exit my game. Glad I found your post.

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Your named looked familiar, I looked back at my recently played with and saw your name on there from about 5 or 6 days ago.

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It sounds like a possible de sync - and I’ve only been able to replicate the same by leaving it offline and re joining game mid battle.

What platform do you play on?

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I’m on Xbox. I talked to you a couple months about the gnome mask. You helped me find the info on the forum. Still trying every now and then with a few friends but no success yet. Thank you for the help though.

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This makes me really happy!

I’m so glad I was able to help you out and save you some frustration.

Great work finding him as well!

Yes, yes of course I remember now.

I’m actually gonna be chipping away his weekend, as apparently it only stays dark in my game at the moment :roll_eyes: making recording a little annoying.

If I’ve got some time to kill while the sun comes out we could try for an hour.

Kill 3 of the rivals and build up if that doesnt work kill all of the rivals I had the same issue I couldnt get my reaper to spawn for 8 hrs of game play so I wiped the rivals and started over

Edit read you found the reapers but what I said works if it happens again and for anyone who clicks on this post if you have 8 rivals with a region level of 25 the reaper Will Not Spawn into you kill 1 of the 8 rivals. Enjoy the apocalypse