Can't access Himfjall Island


Hi all

I’m new to the game, I’ve had it for 10 days, but have put in almost 90 hours in this time (vacation!)

Ok, I’ve tried the search button, and seen 1 post about not being able to access Himfjall Island, but that was down to the OP not having the DLC :man_shrugging:

I DO have the DLC, and have done a few missions from both this DLC and the FNIX DLC, but I still can’t access Himfjall Island!

Nor can I unlock the Safehouse at Lennarts Marin AB, and the boat across the water won’t work either!!

Has anyone got any ideas how to get onto the island, please?

Is it a known issue that many people have, or just me :thinking::flushed::confused:

I play single player (and get battered regularly by hoards of Hunters, Runners, Tanks and Ticks!! :rofl::rofl:), and have never even clicked the MP button!

Thanks in advance!


There is a mission that you have to so for the safehouse to get unlocked. And that’s what activates the boat. The mission is close to the marina. Not sure what it is called.


“Not Alone” and it has white Bear icon behind it in the Log -> Main Missions area.