Cant acess FOA bunker to advance game


completed "enemy of my enemy"pick up device and key card still no acess to FOA bunker unable to advance game!!!also unable to pick up all intel in “empty spaces” can someone help


You use the key card to access the scientist’s office in his house (Von Ulmer? if I remember correctly). There you will find the proper key card.

Check the LOG for the mission info.


No, the keycard you pick up at the boat unlocks the bunker. But the keycard at Von Ulmer’s house unlocks the lab inside the bunker, so you need both.


already got into von uiimans room,i have the russian key card and emp device you pick up in “enemy of my enemy”. the key card is for the FOA bunker in which you gain access to FOA bunker 53i have rerquired steps complete I have both cards ,still unable to access FOA bunker to advance game play(end game) I apperciate your input my friend.


Try to play with some other players in coop - sometimes it helps.


I’ve played the whole game thus far in co-op mode.getting frustrated with the game im pretty sure I’m at the end or real close