Can't attach 4-8x scope to assault rifle

Platform: PC

Description: Description states, that it should be possible to put 4-8x scope on to any assault rifle, but it isn’t.

Steps To Reproduce: Try to marry one with the other.

Host or Client: Host/Client

Players in your game: 1-4

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

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Unfortunately you cannot attached the 4-8x power scope to the AG5, it will only take a Red-dot or 1-4x scope.

The AG4 is the only assault rifle which will take the 4-8x scope

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Yep, what @NoMrBond says is accurate. It could be explained better ingame, though.

Thanks for posting this - I agree. It should work, or they should change the text!

It’s a rail mounted scope. It should fit AG5 as well as 1-4x.

The 4-8x scope can only be attached to the AG4 and the hunting Rifles
The AI-76 only works with a red dot
The AG5 takes the red dot and 1-4x

6-12x and 8-16x only attach to hunting rifles? Or 8-16x only to .50 cal?

The 8-16x only attaches to the .50 cal, I’ve noticed. Despite it saying it attaches to Hunting Rifles :thinking: