Can't change mind when picking up snowballs

can’t change mind when picking up snowballs :cold_sweat: I wanted to pick up these snowballs, so I hold square to make snowballs, but in the middle of making snowballs, I changed my mind, didn’t wanna make snowballs anymore so I released the square button, however, the making snowballs didn’t stop & continued anyway

It’s the same for refueling or repairing (in procedual missions).
You’re asked to hold square, but a simple buttonpress is enough to get it to 100% without being able to abort it.

At least for the snowballs it’s enough just to move a bit or to look into a different direction. For refueling for example I didn’t test it yet.

its really not a big thing :snowflake: I’ll just have to take a moment longer to decide if I really want snowballs or not before hitting the button, Because, there might not be any