Can't claim control point

Salute, m’droogs !
Destroyed base and can’t claim control point ?! I guess the message in red -20 (10) explains why, but it remains cryptic to me.

Anyone please ?

You need 20 control points as you can see, and pointed out, by the red -20. You only have 10 as indicated by the orange (10) so go and do another base assault to get a base claimed.

Thnx. Do you need 20 for every control point ? I’ve destroyed bases before this one and I could claim those ?! So, I need to destroy bases to get points in order to claim this base as control point ? Sorry, I don’t get it, but thnx anyway.

Yes, you need 20 control points for every control point you wish to claim. The first ever base you destroy, Tylodven control point from Good News side mission, rewards you 20 so you can get started with base building as it was originally intended before Base Assaults and Command Tokens were added.

mmmm, that still doesn’t make sense here. I destroyed and claimed Tylovden by nature of the game. And yet not 20 points to claim the next one. Or am I still misunderstanding the concept ?

Nope, i made a mistake i never realised. In short, Tylodven is one you can insta claim thanks to getting 20 command tokens from the mission Good News. 20 is needed for 1 control point. To claim a second base, you want to complete 2 Base Assaults on FNIX Bases and youll have enough to claim the second control point.

I think I’ve been trying to destroy other bases in order to claim the one I was frustrated about for two days and the opportunity to claim it remained open for as long. But being the guerrilla type I never succeeded on my own to destroy another base for more points. Today no more opportunity to claim. The base was back, but not completely and hardly defended. So I destroyed what little had been rebuild in the mean time and lo and behold: suddenly - and without destroying other bases in the mean time - I had enough points to claim the one I was focused on to start with ?! The world is a strange place and games even more so. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry… :blush: