Can't Complete Alpine Unrest's "Fighting the Cold" Mission

I’ve gotten so far as to turn the power back on, and there I am quite firmly stuck. I talked to the lady in the basement (what she actually said, I have no idea; her lips were moving but she didn’t utter a word), ran around and found the master key (which is not a master key, one room remaining stubbornly locked), went to the generator, and turned the power back on…and the objective refuses to update; the AI still wants me to turn the power back on, even though it is.

Is the DLC broken?

I just ran a file integrity check, and all 499 files were validated, but the Steam GUI didn’t inform me that any files were reacquired, but when I relaunched, I was given the next mission, “The Hellmouth,” and “Fighting the Cold” was shown as completed.

I’m confused; I didn’t have to defend the site. It was very anticlimactic. Wasn’t the hotel supposed to be besieged by a bunch of robots when I brought the power back up? Not even one showed up. It was very disappointing.

Additional: the entire game has monologs that break up somewhere - even when you’re moving around. The audio should go on - but it doesn’t.
One of my little frustrations.

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I too was stuck until I exited to the Main Menu. Cold mission is now complete and I received a new mission. Thx for the hint gremlinkurst. Looks, like the QA group missed that one.

Ditto for me. Sometimes I select a person to talk to in the wine cellar, no sound, but the speaker’s lips are moving.

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