Can't complete Arms Race mission

Picked the key up next to Officer Widlund’s body. On my way to police station, the game crashed. When I restarted and tried to open police station doors (in the back of the station), the doors remained in locked status. I returned to Widlund’s body but the key is no longer there.

Playing a single player game on PC.

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I found not the key, where is the key for the police station please?

You need to go into PD from the front door. Back door opens from inside the PD.

Oh, front door is on the same side as the gate that leads to the back door.

Inside the basement of one of the flats. A bit of searching is needed.

Or if you enable POI icons, it spoon feeds you to it.

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Ah, Aesyle thanks for the redirect! Got it.

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