Cant continue Left behind mission

I cant continue the Left behind Mission near Hagaboda. Coordinate: 387, -4474…
Under a boat to collect some boxes (It is not possible to open any boxes because of a bug, like
in Hagaboda many places i cant open or collect things. Fast travel didnt fix it…

If this happens, there should be a gnome nearby.
Happened to me just in Hagaboda yet, others reported this from Östervik and Salthamn, too.

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I begins to learn more about the crashes. I trying to stay away from the FNIX Bases, because if i came too close to the FNIX Bases, i heard the turrets activating even i cant see them, and fights going on, then few seconds later, crash.

I tried change the graphic from ultra high to high. But maybe i should lower it more.

I am affraid it is not possible to regret an upgrade to the game, that make the FNIX bases. If i could remove the bases, i maybe have more success with the game

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Thanks for the report. It does indeed sound like those damn gnomes at it again…

Though please keep other issues apart from eachother. If you’ve got an idea why your game crashes around FNIX bases, feel free to make a separate report about it.


THIS sounds like the infinite ticks bug.
There seem to spawn unlimited ticks that are hostile against the machines. The turrets start attacking them.

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