Can't crouch when standing right next to some objects

Platform: PC

Description: I’ve just noticed that I can’t crouch when standing next to many different objects - cars, fences, windows, etc.

Steps To Reproduce: Stand close to something and try to crouch.

Host or Client: Host

Players in your game: 1

Specifications: i7 10700K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070

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I can confirm that. This is the same with prone and standing up from proning or crouching.

In rare cases I experienced that trying to toggle between the states the first button trigger doesn’t work.

Yep. I can no longer just jump up on a plant shelf, a kitchen counter or onto a trough sink, and crouch, to get at AI near a building. It seemed to appear after they added the ability to crawl/go prone.

Position change doesn’t work well with foliage, like under spruces or inside bushes.