Cant find love letters or suvivor notes

Platform: Xbox Series X

Description: While going around getting all of the acheivements I noticed there was no section in my collectables tab for both love letters and survivor notes. Im not able to find any of the letters or notes in the game either.

These are for the DLC FNIX Rising, MS doesnt separate DLC achievements from base game Achievements.

I have FNIX Rising downloaded and cant find the collectables

Are you able to play the related missions of this dlc?

I dont know, ive already completed all of them

Do you know Calle and his truck?
He was part of one of the dlc missions.

DLC missions in general have an own icon in the log screen.

If yes, the dlc should work fine and the entries for the loveletters and survivors notes should appear. If not you should try to reinstall the dlc.

Icon of FNIX Rising Content

Icon of Alpine Unrest Content

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I have just redownloaded the DLC and both entries are appearing in my collections,


Hopefully you have managed to find them by now.

But I’m leaving this for everyone not finding them even tho they have the needed DLCs. I had trouble finding them too, even though I bought the ultimate game bundle after getting it as Playstation plus game. I found out that in main menu of the game you have option downloadable content, went in saw a tab next to the DLCs but clicked it anyway and waited playstation store to say purchased even though I had gained thophies on the DLCs section in Thophies, had the clothes and weapons dropped to my plundra and thus though I had them all.

But after clicking and waiting for playstation store to open dlc page on the store and show me status purchased did they appear to me least in Arneröd. Checked before, and checked now before doing this and they weren’t there.
But after finding DLCs in the playstation store and getting back to the game (while it was still running and me in the house next to the swing).
I found them now. Though they weren’t in the exact same place on the swing as in most videos but on the box left of the swing.

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