Can't finnish path of the gods

Not able to to pick up the notebook in the side mision path of the gods. i have no idea what triggered this bug…
As long as I don’t enter the living room the item is indicated on the screen, but as soon as I enter the living room and gets near the table is disappears. The notebook is on the table but doesn’t get marked as a picable item. The objective “search the house for more infor about the cairn” is still marked as incomplete.

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Exactly the same for me earlier today. On PS4!

I have the same issue here on XB1 today.

Thanks for the feedback everyone :slight_smile: this is a known issue with the path of the gods mission. The June update that will release later this month is focusing on mission related bugs such as this one!

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Had this issue too, tried re-logging to fix issue but it’s a constant still

I know this is not a hard fix. Try to push an update with a quick fix of this issue. This is really annoying

Like I said, mission related bugs are being focused on in the coming June update. No hotfixes or anything of the sort have been announced :slight_smile: I agree it is frustrating having to wait for things to be fixed, but I love GZ and continue to support it as much as I can


This is still bugged, I can’t pick up the book to finish the mission.

this is still bugged. is this really that hard to fix??

I believe it wasn’t discovered in time for the June update and other than the firework patch there haven’t been any updates since. it will hopefully be taken care of in the July update with few others.
okay may have been discovered in time but they were focusing on the main missions, not side missions like this

I have finished this mission before the updates, but here is the place the journal mentions, inside the red circle.