Can't interact with Soviet Barriers in base

Platform: PS4 Pro

Location / Region: Älgbacken Control Point /Forest Region

Description: Soviet Barriers can’t be dismantled or repaired. All other structures can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a newly built barrier or an old one that has survived an assault. They can be destroyed during a defence. Doesn’t help to restart game or console. Works as intended in all other bases.

Steps To Reproduce: I have no idea

Host or Client: Host

Players: Host solo or with clients.

I still have this bug. Can build them but I can’t interact with them and therefore not dismantle them. Incredibly annoying since there is no way to change the placement of the barrier. It does’nt matter what region I’m in.

Update: Does’nt seem to effect all bases. Korpborgen and Älgbacken there I can’t interact with them.

But in Torsberga and Kållebyviken they work as intended. I can dismantle them.