Can't interact with Soviet Barriers in base

Platform: PS4 Pro

Location / Region: Älgbacken Control Point /Forest Region

Description: Soviet Barriers can’t be dismantled or repaired. All other structures can. It doesn’t matter if it’s a newly built barrier or an old one that has survived an assault. They can be destroyed during a defence. Doesn’t help to restart game or console. Works as intended in all other bases.

Steps To Reproduce: I have no idea

Host or Client: Host

Players: Host solo or with clients.

I still have this bug. Can build them but I can’t interact with them and therefore not dismantle them. Incredibly annoying since there is no way to change the placement of the barrier. It does’nt matter what region I’m in.

Update: Does’nt seem to effect all bases. Korpborgen and Älgbacken there I can’t interact with them.

But in Torsberga and Kållebyviken they work as intended. I can dismantle them.

I just discovered this bug as well. PS5 here, but was looking forward to upgrading my Soviet barriers into something more substantial. Can’t interact with them at all. I’ve only encountered it at Älgbacken so far.

Means, it’s just there an issue and at other places it works?

has anyone tried it multiplayer :neutral_face: if someone stands next to the enemy, while the other shoots it, I don’t know, I have the trophies already from 2019, so I can’t test it myself, just a thought the f23 airbase, if someone is close to the ticks, maybe trying shooting off the rocket launcher

I have the same issue there is work around to the Soviet Barriers but not all of them. Algbacken and Runby Park in certain areas will have this issue. Aiming at the base of the barriers will allow you to interact with some of them.

No. It happened at other places for me. In south coast where the old church ruins are. Some of them are for me permanent and I cant interact with them. Some just had a very very small interaction window. So it’ hard to find the right spot for interaction. Don’t remember the name of the place. In älgbacken they are permanent. If I build a new one it also becomes permanent.

I haven’t played in about 4 months so I can’t guarantee that it’s still like that.

Tested at algbäcken and indeed I’m not able to interact with the soviet barricade there, too.

Another test at Korpborgen ruins on the other hand was succesful. No issues there with the barricade.