Can't invite (PC / Win 10 / Steam)

Platform: PC / Windows 10 / Steam

Description: Can’t invite friends to my game. Doesn’t matter if its set to “friends only” or “anyone can join.” I can be invited to friend’s game. If I set my game to Anyone, anyone can join my game (and anyone an everyone does.)

Steps To Reproduce: Go to multiplayer menu in game, hit “R” nothing happens.

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: Host.

Players in your game: Nobody besides me.

Specifications: Windows 10 / Intel i9-12900K / Nvidia 3080TI / 64 gb ram.

NOTE: I played Generation Zero with friends and set it aside in December 2021. The invite functionality worked then. Came back to it a week ago, and now it doesn’t.

Had this since hour 1. Make sure you have the steam overlay turned on and set your MP game to anyone. Invite to game from your freinds list through the overlay. There should be a button to click on that says invite.
This is a real pain in the arse and none of my freinds have this issue. My playtime goes back to march this year. I have 700 hours clocked. The situation has never changed.