Cant join friends

okey I’m on PC game pass version. i have tried pretty much everything to resolve this. tried different network, without firewall and antivirus on. all my friends are playing together without any issues, its just me that has the problem. i cant join them. they cant join me. sigh… all i can do is single player or matchmaking with randoms. I’ve tried all the different methods posted online to fix this or get around this issue, tried with friends only on, and anybody, and invite only. restarted pc 10 times by now. even deleted the game services app on pc and redownloaded it. no matter what i do its the same error that comes up. so now what…?

oh and it was working fine 2 days ago… then yesterday this nonsense started.

On ps5 my friend had the same message yesterday when trying to follow my invitation.
His 2nd try went fine.

im up to like 50 attempts now to join my friends or them to join me. frustration made me come here and try to get help.

On Ps4 it works better if you accept an invite without having the game on and let the invite launch the game.

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I’ve tried that and any other possible method to join or invite friends to my session, I’m pretty sure at this point its a problem with the last update we got. before update, no problems. after update i cant join or invite anyone. I’m on gamepass PC, my friends are on xbox one x and series x. also they have no problem joining each other, it’s just me who’s getting excluded.

Just found out Xbox console is on v.2263976 and my gamepass PC version is v.2264534 i m guessing this is the problem…