Can't join my friend

Platform: Xbox

Host or Client: client

Players in your game: 1

We were hoping to play together, but the game will not let us. We try from the main menu, try sent invite from Xbox. Try joining him from menu. We try well he was in the safe house. Nothing seem to work. Keep saying “the multiplayer session that you attempted to connect to is running a different version of the game than you” I don’t get how when we both download it and we are both on Xbox one.

Hi Survivor!

I think one of you need to upload the update. Im on ps4 but i think it’s the same for Xbox.
Current version for ps4 is 1.02

Hey thanks for a reply. He just downloaded and I checked for updates and I am version Xbox one.

Do your friends have the same version?

There a different version?

I had version 1.00 when I wanted to play with my friends, they have a patch for 1.02, so I had to do the update because I had the same message as you.

maybe compare with your friends see if everyone has the same version as you

Ah he is but I am but I have no updates.

In order to resolve this issue please follow the steps below.

Press the Xbox Nexus button on your Xbox One controller
Press RB
Press down on the D-pad once or on your main thumbstick and select 'My Games and Apps’
Select See All
Select Updates

Normally you can mangage manually your updates or set in automaticaly

Try that but nothing was there. Going to uninstall and try that.

As mentioned above we have an update for XBox, the game should be on version If you are trying to join a friend who has newer and older version then you will get the message above. If you are unable to update your game, please contact XBox support.

Thank you for reporting!

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