Can't loot after a large firefight

Platform: PC

Description: This is rather rare (I had this maybe 2 times). Sometimes it is impossible to loot (robots, crates, etc.) after killing a large quantity of robots in one spot. Loot windows opens and closes instantly.

Steps To Reproduce: Kill some robots and be unlucky.

Host or Client: Client

Players in your game: 2-3

Specifications: i5 4670K, 16G RAM, GTX 1070


Same here. On one occasion.

Platform: Ps4 Pro

Description: First client couldn’t loot and after about five min I couldn’t loot either. After restart of the game it worked again. Byt all loot after the fight was lost.

Steps To Reproduce: as post above

Images / Videos:

Host or Client: host

Players in your game: Host and one client



Happens to me to, it seems to happen when their is a rather large quantity of robots.


Same her on PC Windows 10. Multiplayer. But we realized, it happens after fast traveling with radio. Or it’s just a coincidence, because we put down a fast travel point(radio) in fight. Sometimes, instead of using adrenaline, we die and fast travel back. But then, wenn we want to loot, it’s no longer working. Same for friend of mine. And I really would swear, it especially happens after this travels. Can someone confirm?


Yes now you have pointed it out it only happens in multiplayer after using radio when being killed in a large fight and teleporting back to help your buddies and looting does the flashing inventory loot screen bug, this has never happened Solo to me Yet , cheers for pointing out the radio :+1: PS4 PRO , all updates latest version ._

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I had this issue as well, really sucked cause you can briefly see the loot and i needed those shotty shells

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The radio has nothing to do with it. Happened to me yesterday again in multiplayer after a large fight. And we didn’t have a radio this time. Or the other times it Happened. I was the host this time. Clients could loot.

I’m 90% certain that it happens after one of the client left the game.

For us no one left. Happened again yesterday. One of the clients couldn’t loot. The content just flashed for him. This time it went back to normal after he fast traveled to a safehouse. The time I’ve wrote about further up the tread. That didn’t help.

Multiplayer issues bug fix on june’s update , so maybe the loot multiplayer issue will be fixed very soon , , :+1:

The problem still exists:

It sure does. Happened for us again yesterday. Both clients couldn’t loot after a large fight. PS4 Pro.

Xbox One
2-3 players with multiple enemies & types.